Dear Imagine Cup, (9 July 2011)

posted on 19 Jul 2011 14:55 by anekodoll in Journal
9 July 2011 - 1st Round Presentation!!
The formal phase presentation was held today.
In fact, we were quite not ready about this yet!
We need more time for presentation rehearsal T______T
Anyway, the show must go on!! We will do our best!!
This is the room!!
[Too bad, I can't find I picture of us in the judges' room]
Thank you for everyone who came to cheer us ^^
Our Thailand's group also came to watch our presentation. ^_________^
P'Ton, P'Peth(Our Microsoft Thailand)
P'Kla, P'Oy (Our DuoCore press)
and our MSP Social Media Team as well, Ryosuke.
(He usually appeared unexpectably where we were. JubJub used to wonder how he could know where we are!?)
(By the way, I guess he has a competition's schedule! XD)
After we finished ours presentation, we went to see NewKrean in order to help them prepare their presentation. Then in the evening we sent them to the Judges' room.
Good Luck my bros and sis!
Moreover we also met our old competitors from last year. Fomis Team!
Best of luck to you all!
Around 22.00, the Round 2 annoucement of Software Design and Embedded Development will be annouced here. Lots of people here. Everyone is excited!
(No annoucement for game design today, because we have to compete one more round tomorrow)
Tomorrow is for the informal phase competition. The judges will come and experience our game at the showcase booth.
So, we gathered and analyzed all of comments we gained, then we went back to our room and continued our work again....
(This is a very hard work. All day all night!)
(Anyway, I am happy with it ^^)