Dear Imagine Cup, (13 July 2011)

posted on 19 Jul 2011 21:33 by anekodoll in Journal
13 July 2011 - World Festival Awards Ceremony + We did it!!
@Lincoln Theater
I believe that today is the day that everyone is waiting for.
The theater is huge and elegance!
This time, I was not that excited like before.
I thought we have done our best.
I did what I love, and I love what I did.
I am very happy to be here which may be the last time.
There is nothing to regret, whatever the result is!
and Finally! We did it!! ^______^
As usual, there will be a party after the award ceremony!!
This last night in NY, I spent time walking around Time Square, Marriot and Party.
Once again, I feel like I want more time being here.