Dear Imagine Cup, (12 July 2011)

posted on 19 Jul 2011 19:41 by anekodoll in Journal
12 July 2011 - Final Presentation!
Today we have to present our game publicly on the stage.
This time I feel much more excited than the 1st round presentation.
It may be because this time there are more people and VDO recorders than last time!!
Before we are going to the stage, we have to prepare ourself in a room.
There are some papers on the table, so we desire to write some things on it....
"JubJub Team had visited!!!"

In Thai they may called us like "เกรียนจริงๆ". Hahaha
Then we went on the stage and present our game.
(Thank you P'Kla and P'Oy for this picture ^^)
After we finished our presentation, we have some times to talk with our judges.
Mr.Tetsuya Mizuguchi is one of our game design judges. He is the co-founder of Q Entertainment.
His game Child of Eden is really cool!!
I also asked him, if I could apply for a job in his game company. >____<"
Next!!! It is the time for SHOPPINGGGGGGGG~~!!!!
We went to SOHO by subway!!
This time we were very relax, we didn't have anything to worry now!