Dear Imagine Cup, (7 July 2011)

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Dear Imagine Cup,
This is my journal written after I came back to Thailand.
Joining Imagine Cup 2011 - New York is the second time of my life that I can be a part of this kind of awesome event. (The first time is Imagine Cup 2010 - Poland).
The following are the story coming from my perspective and my feeling.
7th July 2011 - Fly to NY!!
This year, 2 teams from Thailand made it to the World Wide Final at NY. They are NewKrean(Software Design) and JubJub Team(Game Design)(my team).
It was very late that night(or I should say "It is too early in the morning??"), because the departure time was on 5.40AM. Thus, only our parents could come to send us to the airport.
The last picture we took before check-in.
NewKrean and JubJub Team ^^
Then, we was on the way to Tokyo Narita Airport!
This is very exciting for me, cuz this is the first time that I will be at Japan, the country in my dream!
[Sorry. No picture on the plane. We was sleeping ZZZzZZZzzz]
Here is Japan
These are the picture I took at Narita XD
(After I arrived here I feel like I don't want to go to NY anymore. Hahaha!)
I love Totoro. ^__________^
I will take you all back to my home!
and also Mario!
After we surveyed in Narita for 20 mins we haved to set off to NY!!
Bye Bye Narita! I will be back on 15 July
This Flight takes ~12 hours to NY. I feel like I can't wait now!
After sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating....
Finally we arrived JFK Airport!!
We went to Marriot Maquis by the bus provided by Imagine Cup.
Then we went out for sightseeing in the Time Square!!
What a big city it is!!
Time Square Right in front of our hotel!!
At night we continued doing our work til late...
I always think...
จะได้ขึ้นไปยืนสะบัดธงชาติไทย บนเวทีรึปล่าว




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